So what is your investment?

Professional Websites at an affordable cost (from $1495 + GST)

4-5 pages

The most popular

6+ pages

For larger businesses

That's a small investment to get a website setup.

We provide you with the files so you can upload the website to your hosting and its yours thereafter.

But really, why not save yourself a headache and take advantage of our quarterly maintenance plan?

Here's why you need it

The way in which we see information on the Internet is constantly changing, and comprises a number of moving parts that do not always work together. So what is chosen one day and works perfectly might at the very next update stop functioning. This can happen to every website. There are numerous parts to a website that can stop working as expected and this is no fault of the design. It is just how it is.

A maintenance plan gives you peace of mind that these updates will be managed by us and if for some reason the site does not work, we will find a solution. Guaranteed.

We also do backups, maintain website security, make sure your domain name does not expire and do any minor updates you may need.

Our price for this service is very competitive with others charging much more. It’s is entirely up to you as we have no lock in contracts, and as long as your payments are up to date, you can transfer away at any time.

Quarterly Plan

For peace of mind
  • Sign up to 12 months at a time and we include the cost of hosting your website.
  • Daily backups and off site storage.
  • Software updates to maintain security and site integrity.
  • Site restoration, if hacked.
  • We can manage your domain name registration.
  • Unlimited email addresses.
  • Minor site changes.
  • Updating your company or personnel details.
  • SSL for website security.
  • Any issues, there is only one email to send and we are on it!

The Alternative

OMG! Don't even go there...

You get to manage:

  • Choosing high quality hosting and being at their mercy to upload your website.
  • Choosing a web designer to make any changes.
  • Making sure your domain name is current.
  • Making sure you do backups.
  • Restoring your site if it is hacked, and understand that:
    • Every 40 seconds, a new cyber attack starts.
    • Ransomware attacks are increasing at a rate of 400% year on year.
    • Over 25,000 different malicious applications are detected and blocked every day.
    • Each day hackers attack over 30,000 websites.
  • If you don’t like the idea of being on the phone speaking to someone you don’t quite understand, about something very technical and they don’t seem to really even care, then that is why you need our maintenance plan!
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