About Us

We became involved in website design and services because of so many bad experiences. In this industry there is a lot of jargon and lots of promises and, it is easy to get misled and disappointed.

A website is a lot of moving parts and there are a number of people involved. There is a domain name registrar, hosting provider, designer and developer and because the internet is constantly evolving there is the need for updates and sometimes incompatibilities happen. Oh and there are hackers. Lots of hackers.

So, if you have ever heard “oh my part works, you will have to contact so and so”, and then waited on the phone forever only to find you are dealing with an overseas service who really doesn’t care, then our service is for you.

One call whatever the problem.

Our Core Values

What Our Clients Say

David and his team were really able to understand what we wanted on our website. We are very happy with the outcome. Highly recommended!
Wayne K
David has been very patient and made many iterations to my website. I am a hard client to work with and he has done a fantastic job. He gets small business. I highly recommend him. 🙂
Carolyn B

Have a Project in mind?

We can help you bring your ideas to life. Let’s talk about what we can create to display your business to the world.

Let us work together to build you a great website

We know our capabilities. We only take on projects where we know we can compete, maintain and make your business shine. We work for you and all work is managed by us. Simple and no jargon. We want you to be happy.

Really nice people

We are biased. Working with us is easy going, responsive and we like to think we are nice, especially after coffee.

Great value service

We price our websites to be affordable and reliable. We want out customers to stay with us which is why we offer complete service.

Your business matters

We are a small business that understands small business. We want you to stay with us and you matter. Simple.

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